Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guest Post: Online Bullying Annoys Me

  Now normally I am all for free speech on the internet, and for having my privacy protected, But Anon I know who you are.  You have posted two comments on my wife's blog and they are indicative of bullying high school style, just with better language but not much.
For those who don't read comments here was the gem from the last post:

 When did u ever live in a foriegn country for a month or clamour in to a van for a 10 hour trip in Highschool...you never went anywhere or did anything in School...u were more of a social wallflower than I was. You did not become involved in any church groups or team sports...you just hung out in the art room and complained about how you never got to do anything...

Is this a truthful blog post or a vailed attempt at fiction? I was under thimpression this Blog was about u honestly putting yourself down on paper so u could better understand yourself. If you make idle fibs and tell tall tales....how is that being honest with the world and putting your TRUE self out there....
Just a thought.
So anon since you wish to hide behind your wire, and throw your poo like an untrained monkey I will now divest you of your innocence in this regard.  On the web you are never Anonymous.  You leave a trail of 1s and 0s all over the place no matter how well you think you clean up after yourself.  no i have done no hacking or tracking of your IP nor have I illegally monitored anything but I know who you are.  Honestly It was not difficult, pathetically simple in fact.  First I checked the traffic report on the blog this was easy to do as you left a nice little time stamp down to the second on your comment, never noticed it?  It's at the bottom and in orange.  You were the only visitor at this time so I was able to tell you tripped in from Facebook.  In your comment you mentioned your age in concurrence with my wife's age and the class you took together.  Also since you came in from Facebook you had to be on her friends list.  Now able to eliminate her church friends as they would have all known of the many church trips, and her friends who were in 4-H with her, and anyone who would have been in a club, sport, or extra-curricular activity with her.  Honestly that only left a few suspects (very detective like ain't I).  Then out of those three people only one person had the vernacular of one who types like a 12 year old, and sound like a man attempting to hang onto his youth and failing and i was left with U.  My god man at least use a spell checker and take the 3 seconds to type you instead of U and perhaps even use the dictionary. most modern computers have it in-line with the posting.  Even on the mobile platforms,  Hell your spelling and use of grammar is on par with Shirley her own bad self.

  Now for those who think this was a bit overboard I apologize but no-one calls my wife a liar and gets away with it.  I have not posted your personal details for the world to see Anon, but I could.  I don't want anyone here to think I will do this every time you disagree with her posts, or post a disparaging or disagreeing comment, I promise I will not.  But bullying and extreme trolling will not be tolerated one iota.  Keep the name calling and poorly spelled psychological insults to a minimum please.

Love, laughter, and thinly veiled anger

MR. Kat Lady.

A lighthearted look at traveling!

With Mr. Kat Lady and I soon to depart on our weekend away, which we have lovingly dubbed "The Honeymoon Adventure Part Deux," I have sat back and realized that the way I travel today is much different from the way I traveled 10 years ago.

10 years ago it was nothing to drive 4 hours to an airport and board a 20 hour flight to a foreign country then stay for a month. (And pack it all in two bags!) Now as I pack for a weekend, I am on bag 3 and already wondering what I am going to forget. Did I pack the pills? How about the bathing suits? My nice outfits?

Back then I would sit back, and even maybe sleep until the destination was reached. Now I spend the majority of the time finding the coupons for the events we will be doing, and begging for a bathroom rest stop every 2 hours. Apparently my bladder has aged with me...lol!

Travel food was different then too. A bag of peanuts and a couple stops for fast food were the norm.  Now, when we make a stop I have to find the least terrifying place to eat. Depending on my choice we will now be stopping every hour to find a bathroom.  And forget getting a drink...something about the motion of the car sends that drink straight from my mouth to my bladder!

Somehow mother nature always knows when I am going to be traveling, because she often likes to give me a present for the road, if you know what I mean...

Do I think I could go back to the days when 15 rowdy teens would clamor into a van for a 6 or 8 or 12 hour trip? Not a chance. I'm happy to ride with just me and the hubby, stopping at interesting places and enjoying the scenery. (And the rest stops.)

My only problem now is that I am an over-planner. I must have every second of every minute of every hour scheduled so that we optimize our trip to the fullest potential. This makes vacation very stressful for me. Mr. Kat Lady has instituted a new rule for this trip though. I just get to tell him what I want to do and he will plan our weekend out this time.  Do you think he understands how absolutely crazy that makes me?

I know, we already talked about me being a control freak...

Well, we'll see how this goes,  hopefully I can relax long enough to enjoy myself!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady