Sunday, July 24, 2011

Egg Salad! Or How to speak Spousanese.

The other night as Das Bear and I were hanging out with Biker Babe, there came a point in the conversation where I needed to communicate my needs to him without actually coming out and saying them. Using a made up communication system involving hand gestures and meaningful looks I managed to explain my issue without a single spoken word. Suddenly, he began excitedly gesturing back. I understood everything. "Exactly!" I said, and Biker Babe looked at me like I'd gone loony. "What do you mean?," Biker Babe queried?

Das Bear looked at her and in a few sentences conveyed the entire gesture conversation, word for word, gesture for gesture, look for look.  I realized suddenly that somewhere, somehow, we had managed to create our own silent language, and frequently communicated in it.  I bet it looks strange when we do it in public without thinking. Just imagine me in the ice cream aisle rapidly gesturing and making funny faces down the aisle toward Das Bear. Then imagine him nodding, walking to the chip aisle, selecting the exact brand and item I specified and returning. Creepy, right?

We also have a set of code words we use when we need to communicate something quickly and ungestured. I'll share a smattering of them with you, but not all of them, or our secret language wouldn't be a secret anymore.

Egg Salad- Let's bounce. Asap.

George- Wow, that dude/lady/kid/animal is dumb.

Boober- (actually this is short for Boo Bear- my nickname for him.) I use this when I want something...said with a slightly southern drawl.

Yes? Yes. No? (really?) No. K- Our short hand negotiations.

Douchecanoe (Thanks Bloggess!)- This is pointless.

Squee!!!!- Please Oh PLEASE can I have it? It's so FLUFFFFYY! (yep, that's a direct movie reference.)

Meoooowwww- Yes, I actually meow like a cat sometimes. It's my signal that I need some attention.

(Chewbacca sound)- HE wants some attention. I know, weird. But it's really cute, I swear!

Anyway, that's a sampling of our weirdo communication/language. What strange ways do you communicate with your significant other/friends?

To making noises and waving your hands.

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady