Monday, December 3, 2012

The Government Ate My Paperwork, Then They Paid Me.

Ok, so I should probably start with an apology. However, I'm not going to, and here's why: excuses are easier. I've spent the last 6 months applying and fighting for my disability to go through. And just a couple hours ago I got my first payment. I can breathe now.

You all knew I was bi-polar, and since the last post I've also added OCD, GAD (general anxiety disorder), PTSD, and mild Agoraphobia. Quite the list, huh. It's actually quite funny when you get right down to it.

For example, a conversation I would normally hold in my head on any given day:

(BP): So, I should really get out of bed.
(GAD): But what if it's COLDDDD out?
(PTSD): We could get sick!
(BP): Nope, I am getting up.
                Crap! This house is a mess!
(OCD): I've been telling you that for weeks!
(BP): Well, I've been in a down swing for a while. Why don't you help me clean it up?
(OCD): It's gotten too bad, I can't face it. You mixed up everything I had in ORDER!
(GAD): It's too much, I need to lay down.
(BP): We'll do it later. How about a walk to the library?
(OCD): Just don't forget to go the right way, no sidetrips or something may go wrong!
(GAD and PTSD) By yourself??? NOOOOOO!!!!
(BP) I guess I'll go later, after I take a nap.

Rinse and repeat. But such is my life. On the upside, at least I'm not!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady