Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look out Imelda, here I come!

Okay, so I may have stretched the truth a little about earrings being my only fashion obsession. I am also in love with shoes. Specifically heels. Which is hilarious because I look like an elephant when I try to walk in them. And I must have the least expensive, most stripper like shoe I can find. You know, the ones you only wear once, and for a short period of time for fear of cutting off the circulation to your toes...those are my favorites.

Whoa, am I seriously blogging about shoes? No, that can't be. How vapid I must seem!

Great, now I'm arguing with myself via blog. Remember, Kat Lady, you are bipolar, not schizophrenic.  Anyway, back to the subject...

I love shiny black patent heels. The ones I am looking at buying will go really awesome with my new dress and silver belt. I'll post a picture in a post after our anniversary trip because I am trying to surprise (I know, pot=kettle) Mr. Kat Lady. They will also go great with my new swimsuit-you know, the one I rambled about last post. I think I forgot to tell you it's leopard print. Not cheesy leopard print, but sexy like a cat leopard print. It makes me look like a Vargas girl. (Look it up.) I really hate swimsuit shopping, but the hubbs picked this one out and HOLY COW Bettie Page! (Look her up)

I guess I am just getting used to feeling sexy, after so many years of being assured that looking sexy would send me straight to Hades. Those flames must be licking my feet because I feel HOT! I know I sound conceited, but I am finally recovering from a serious bout of low self-esteem, and I am finally ok with my body.

Here in a minute I am going to reserve these awesome heels from a store my mother would absolutely have an apoplectic fit over. I urge you, look up the words discount and stripper, and you'll find what I'm looking at. Shocked yet?

Alrighty faithful readers, I believe I have thrown enough onslaught of verbal diahhrea (oh that's a mental picture I don't need) at y'all. Holler back at me in the comments and tell me where I can find your favorite shoe.

Ferragamos away!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady