Friday, May 27, 2011

Coining a Term and a New blog owner

Das Bear here, just to let y'all know it appears I'm gonna win my bet as it seems that the Kat Lady her glorious self has been caught up in a Procrastinado, yep new term, a good one too.
        Procrastinado n.  or adj. - to let circumstance or ones own actions keep one from doing        a task over and over again. This state can sometimes cause a person to lose all sense of self and the pressure of the unworked on project can actually lead to stress and backache until one either caves and does the thing or gives it up. 

No The Kat Lady wont give up but I'm sure after a short round of the crazies and the writers block she will be back at the helm.  Till then I'm taking over and turning it into a blog about cars and computers.  Just kidding Katty has just been a bit under the weather and not feeling inspired the past coupla days so forgive her and she will be back at it tomorrow she promises, and the procrastinado cant whisk her off to Oz cause she already lives there..

~To coining new terms and Hostile Takeovers

Das Bear