Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My apologies....and a few updates...

Ok, I admit it. I'm a bad blog mommy. I have ignored her since July, and that was a bad thing for me to do. The only way I can make up for my egregious error is to update you on my life since my last post.

Lets do this in an organized manner.

First- Me and Das Bear. We are doing great, he's taken more hours at work and I've taken to a schedule in which I actually accomplish things during the day.

The furkids- Our family has expanded by one furkid...a very sweet, friendly stray that began sleeping on our porch in August. By the end of the month we were feeding him, and by September he was an indoor/outdoor cat visitor. Now, in a few days he'll be getting fixed, and as of last night is a full time indoor member of the brood.

My mother- Bless all that is holy, she is too busy to spend time fussing over me. Until the RV season ends at least. She's currently spending a great deal of time at the college finishing her journalism degree, and then working at an RV resort on the weekends.

My dad- He remains unchanged. I do worry a bit about him as he's lost over 80 pounds in the last couple years, but he says he feels better. I'm just nervous because he's approaching the age at which his father bit the big one from cancer.

My car- Ok, so this is a complicated one. The Jeep we were going to get ended up falling through due to title issues, so we continued to drive Kitty the StegaTaurus that my parents have loaned us. Then, in August, she decided to start acting up. BAD. We drove her around town for about a month, and then Dad's coworker came and picked her up to work on her. He fixed everything but the major issue we told him needed fixed. That was over a month ago. Now, as of tomorrow, she will be getting that issue fixed at an actual mechanic-and it should only take a couple days. Whew...that saga will soon be over and we will have a car again.

My life- My bipolar has been categorized into the bipolar 1 category with anxiety disorder. I am on meds and they are doing great! I am excited to report that I am functioning at a normal level and am able to maintain relationships healthily.

So all in all, life is good. The only things I could wish for are more sesame seaweed snacks and a less gassy Bela. That cat can clear a room. LOL

My promise to y'all is that I will try my best to keep writing...especially now that I've started writing my mystery series... more on that to come.

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady