Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freak Button Activate!

Everyone knows one of "those" people. The always smiling, super positive, eternal cheerleader. The one that makes you want to kick a puppy just to even things out. These people love to flock to me. It's like I'm holding a sign that says "Please drench me in maple syrup and sunshine."

I have a freak button. It flashes brightly on my forehead every time I leave the house. (and sometimes when I don't.) Any time I go ANYWHERE I am approached by the weirdest looking, strangest acting person, who promptly say they recognize me from somewhere? Where would that be? The looneybin?

Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new people, but there is a line. When a stranger walks up and hugs you, saying "you looked like you needed a hug," you tend to flinch when people take a greater than normal interest.

Then there are the needy ones.  I seem to attract these people like flies. These are the fix-me-up types. They generally are nice people with one fatal flaw. They want someone to remake them into something more than they are. My mom is one of these. They ask for favors (would you type this paper for me?), and when given one, they continue to ask for bigger greater favors (would you write my thesis for me?). Usually these questions are preceded by some terribly tragic story about their health, or their job, or their life. Being soft-hearted, I fall for this repeatedly. Anything to keep them from crying.

Gratuitous criers annoy me. These people tear up at anything. But only when someone is watching do they turn on the waterworks. It's very similar to what 3 year olds do when they are in trouble. It's not flattering in adult size. Most of the time these people are also ugly criers. Bring out the Brillo pad and scrub that face away!

And then there are the Emos. Everything sucks, I hate the world, there is no tomorrow. It's rather depressing really. This is a current fad among teens and college students. It's really honestly ridiculous and unnecessary. Move to Ethiopia. Then you can bitch.

All of these people see me, and think I'm their new best friend. Maybe it's cause I'm bipolar. Someday I'd like to lock the Emo and SuperPositive into a room and see what happens.

To finding the balance between happy and nuts!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady