Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A lighthearted look at traveling!

With Mr. Kat Lady and I soon to depart on our weekend away, which we have lovingly dubbed "The Honeymoon Adventure Part Deux," I have sat back and realized that the way I travel today is much different from the way I traveled 10 years ago.

10 years ago it was nothing to drive 4 hours to an airport and board a 20 hour flight to a foreign country then stay for a month. (And pack it all in two bags!) Now as I pack for a weekend, I am on bag 3 and already wondering what I am going to forget. Did I pack the pills? How about the bathing suits? My nice outfits?

Back then I would sit back, and even maybe sleep until the destination was reached. Now I spend the majority of the time finding the coupons for the events we will be doing, and begging for a bathroom rest stop every 2 hours. Apparently my bladder has aged with me...lol!

Travel food was different then too. A bag of peanuts and a couple stops for fast food were the norm.  Now, when we make a stop I have to find the least terrifying place to eat. Depending on my choice we will now be stopping every hour to find a bathroom.  And forget getting a drink...something about the motion of the car sends that drink straight from my mouth to my bladder!

Somehow mother nature always knows when I am going to be traveling, because she often likes to give me a present for the road, if you know what I mean...

Do I think I could go back to the days when 15 rowdy teens would clamor into a van for a 6 or 8 or 12 hour trip? Not a chance. I'm happy to ride with just me and the hubby, stopping at interesting places and enjoying the scenery. (And the rest stops.)

My only problem now is that I am an over-planner. I must have every second of every minute of every hour scheduled so that we optimize our trip to the fullest potential. This makes vacation very stressful for me. Mr. Kat Lady has instituted a new rule for this trip though. I just get to tell him what I want to do and he will plan our weekend out this time.  Do you think he understands how absolutely crazy that makes me?

I know, we already talked about me being a control freak...

Well, we'll see how this goes,  hopefully I can relax long enough to enjoy myself!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady


  1. When did u ever live in a foriegn country for a month or clamour in to a van for a 10 hour trip in Highschool...you never went anywhere or did anything in School...u were more of a social wallflower than I was. You did not become involved in any church groups or team sports...you just hung out in the art room and complained about how you never got to do anything...

    Is this a truthful blog post or a vailed attempt at fiction? I was under thimpression this Blog was about u honestly putting yourself down on paper so u could better understand yourself. If you make idle fibs and tell tall tales....how is that being honest with the world and putting your TRUE self out there....
    Just a thought.

  2. Just a thought to Anonymous who doesn't have the courage to give your real name. I have been friends with Jean since I was 7 years old. And just so you know I was on the 10 hour trip in Highschool that you claim she never made. We went to Colorado. She was involved in church groups, I have the pictures to prove it. So before you start spouting off about what you don't know, find the facts. Okay. By the way I also saw her at Choir/Band meets in HS so...again, check your facts. Because I can only post as anonymous b/c I don't have any of those other options, my name is Robyn.

  3. Ok, since Anonymous is being such a pain, I guess I need to be specific. Robyn is correct, the 10 hour trip was a church trip to Colorado. I went with the church in the town I lived in, not the town I went to school in. Also, I taught ESL through Sterling College in Korea in January 2003. So get your facts straight, Anonymous, and if you don't like it, just don't read my blog. From the sounds of it, I probably didn't like you in high school anyway. Feel free to unfriend me on Facebook whenever you'd like.

  4. Anon you have poked my wife whit a stick and I do not appreciate it. She is well traveled and was before I met her and during our marriage. She has been all over the place, from Alaska to Mexico, and Korea to Canada. I have the picture proof and sometimes the scars to prove it. If I had to put up whit what she did in school for not being white enough or because my mother wouldn't leave me the hell alone then I probably would have kept my mouth shut too, and not said anything. It has taken her years to rebuild her self image and her confidence back to where it belongs and I have the scars to prove that as well, and if you think doing the crap you are doing to belittle her and tear her down is going to hurt her now you are sorely mistaken. If you want specific dates and times of the many trips you can feel welcome to come visit us. but to do that you would have to:

    1: actually know us (which i doubt)
    2. Give up your cloak of Anonymity and grow a
    3. be able to admit you were wrong

    Now I could block anonymous posts on this blog but I will not do that. We have nothing to hide. But if you want to contradict any fact in this blog then feel free to, but know that my wife is no liar and that everything she has posted to date is true. Now I also seem to remember that people though i was imaginary, confirmed thru her friends and crying phone calls to my barracks room in Southern Ga. And No i could not make her Prom because I was in the desert and Co. Commanders generally will not approve leave in that situation just to go to a dance. So in short if you wish to contradict someone then perhaps U should get all the facts. For the rest of you remember this easy equation:

    Anonymity + Internet = Asshole (usually)

  5. Didn't know you in High school but I have for about the last 8 years. I remeber my highschool days. I KNOW your mom personally, and your dad is over at my house on a regular basis. My eldest works with your dad. I feel I know, not just you, but your family. I would say that these posts are very accurate if not just a touch on the weird side; but then again, look at the friends you hang out with!!! I will not sign this note, but if you have to snoop to figure out who I am I will smack you this weekend when I see you!!!
    --Large and in Charge

  6. *hugs* Large and in Charge and Robyn. You two are my heroes. Also, my husband is the most awesome person in the world!

  7. I was planning on just reading a friends blog and having a good laugh. I was not planning on putting my two cents in, but after reading anonymous I can't keep my big mouth shut. I can understand disagreement. Frankly I live for people disagreeing with me, but I also expect intelligence with those disagreements. Just saying that something isn't as you remember doesn't make it true. As one of Jeans friends I an't believe that somebody would be habitually stupid as to assume that she hasn't done what she says she has done. I remember Estes. Colorado is a long ways from here. Anonymous I suggest that you get a map out and figure how far Colorado is from here. Since your brain seems to be where the light don't shine I suggest you look up what a map is first. On second thought I will just tell you it's a picture of roads, rivers, and landmarks that tell you how far something is.LOL. Sorry to make you feel stupid but if the shoe fits. I hope later on when I read Jean's blog I see more intelligent comments from you. Peace out and may stupidness not run in your bloodline.

  8. OMG Scott you make me ROTFLMAO! :) I may have to have you guest post at some point!