Monday, April 11, 2011

A little to the left of sane.

I have control issues. It's a well known fact in my circle of friends that surprises are not something I can handle. I must know exactly what is going on, and it must be planned within an inch of it's life. If not, I have a mini-stroke. This controlling behavior has led to a few very interesting situations.

When I am confronted with the inability to make a decision, I become a little uncomfortable. (read that as bitch.) In particular there is one word I hate to hear. SURPRISE. You want to surprise me? Oh, hell no. I am terrified of the "surprise" being completely underwhelming compared to the perfect scenario I have carved in my brain. And it usually is, as I have a flair for the dramatic. (Nah, that's not obvious if you have been reading my posts...)

Anyway, Mr. Kat Lady and I decided to go on a two night excursion to a nearby city. He was in charge (at least he thought so) of booking the hotel, and I was in charge of events and clothing. He mistakenly thought that by giving me a "project"  I would be out of his hair about the hotel. No sirree. I promptly sat down at the computer and pulled up all the hotels in the city, and ranked them by amenities and price. (and by my preference) This annoyed Mr. Kat Lady, as he had come up with the exact same list, and had wanted to *shudder* surprise me. My OCD (not Obsessive Compulsive, just Over Controlling) made him feel like I didn't trust him to find the right place for us. Well, to be honest, I didn't. Until I saw his list. Then I had complete confidence in his abilities. Now if he would have just shown me the list in the first place instead of me having to sneak it out of his pants pocket while he slept, things would have gone a bit easier. (I told you, sneaky and controlling...)

I called him at work and explained to him the prices I found for the hotels. This was highly upsetting to him and he told me so in a harsh whisper. (He actually said I will call you back when I can raise my voice. He wanted to call back to properly yell at me. lol) Now it probably didn't help that him whisper-yelling sounded so ridiculous that I began to giggle. Note to all: Giggling during a browbeating is highly discouraged. This just made him madder. And made me laugh more as I thought about how much he sounded like Donald Duck. He finally hung up on me while I was guffawing. I later called him back to apologize, but he was still very offended. We sorted it out and I promised to keep my nose out of his *shudder* surprise until he's ready to reveal it.

So yeah, I'm kinda in the doghouse right now, but I'm hoping I'm earning back points by letting him sleep until he wakes up on his day off. Cross your fingers ladies and gents!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady