Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Feline Thought Process.

My cats are special, individual fursuited human beings. That being said, the cat brain is not known for being large or super complicated, and they often fall prey to what I like to call "Kitty Brain."

Moonie likes to eat. A full bowl is his Nirvana. However, 5 minutes after he has eaten, he forgets that he did so. Soon there he is again, winding around my feet and looking pointedly at the food bowl. I pick him up and set him in front of his food, and he eats again. This scenario plays out for about an hour, or whenever he exhausts himself.

Icarus is a pervert. His favorite thing to do is watch you going to the bathroom. He does not merely sit by and watch you, however. He must be IN your LAP whilst you do the family business. Yes, he actually purrs while you whiz. He even does this odd behavior with strangers. And don't even THINK of closing the door. He has the ability to curl his paw under the pocket door and loosen it, then he paws at the opening until he can get in. I think he thinks he's protecting the pee-er or pooper and therefore deserves treats.  You try explaining to your significant other why there is cat hair "down there."

Hazel is the prime example of "Kitty Brain." She is excitable, vocal, and a true "oooo....SHINY!" cat. Half the time, she looks like she's been hopping it up on the catnip. Now, I realize, she is still technically a kitten, but her brain just works so differently than the boys! I can't say I don't like having a kitty that goes into full on kittygasm if you look at her and wiggle your fingers, but jumping in the tub every time I go to use the toilet and licking the tub spout manically is a little weird.

So, yeah, my kitty family are quirky, and have an unnatural need to be near someone while they do their business.  I wouldn't have it any other way, because my kitties are the best kitties in the world.

To Toilet Kitties and Kitty Brain,

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady