Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Out Here, On the Prairie, Where There's NO Entertainment...

Figures, right? I start blogging again, and my internet access is cut off, I have NO cable, and I'm using the public library to access everything. Well, it could be a lot worse, I know...first world problems. However, I am a week or so out from my 30th birthday and I'm crawling the walls til Friday, when I get my cable back. I could kiss Dish Network on the mouth for picking up the ball when Cox Communications dropped it. 4 years of solid usage by us and Cox decided that it was time to be complete...well...Cox about it.

Jokes on them though. Now we can get TV from Dish and internet from them for about half of what we have been paying. Just for the record, customer service with Cox is a nightmare. Oh well, adios to them and on to bigger and better things!

June 2 is my birthday, so since my hubby has to work the night shift, my parents are taking me to dad's company picnic at The Sedgwick County Zoo. Should be fun! I've always wanted to go to the zoo on my birthday, just never thought it would be my Then, on the 8th, my friends and Das Bear and I are going to go to this ah-may-zing Chinese buffet in Wichita and shop at the mall- make a real day of it. I'm lucky my friends are so awesome! Until then, however, it's back to the house with 12 channels on TV and a girl who is ten feet deep in the Hunger Games books. I read the first two back to back without putting them down. Now I MUST watch the movies! soon I hope!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady