Friday, April 22, 2011

I got my first Blog Award!

I'm all smiles because L.A.C.E. @ My Glass House deemed me worthy of the Versatile Blogger Award!

So, now, in the tradition that goes with this awesome award, I will tell you 7 great things about myself and award this honor to 7 of you!

1. I have more clothes than I can count, and I'm donating half of them to the local homeless shelter.

2. I have the most loyal friends in the world. They are my lifeline when I'm down.

3. I have an unnatural attraction to Nestle Drumsticks. You know, the waffle cone with icecream, dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts?  Yeah. That's my Kryptonite.

4. I have worked in 3 different hotels successfully, but had to quit due to health issues.

5. I started blogging because my husband bet me I couldn't keep up a blog for more than 5 days. (Going on 6 weeks, and have had over 1700 views! Thanks, loyal readers!)

6. I am, in fact, a feline in a human body. Not to be confused with a furry. My reaction to being startled is to hiss and growl. I know, weird, but it's who I am.

7. I have the world's most blogable mother. It's like she does things just so I'll have an interesting blog. Fortunately, she is technology incompatible, so I can blog about her without being laid upon the coals. My dad finds my blog hilarious. :)

Ok now for the 7 worthy bloggers!

1.  Amanda from Adventures from Amandaland

2. Sarah from La Casa Di Frigerio

3. Alisha from Musings of a Manic Momma

4. Tina from I'm Prepared For All Emergencies But Totally Unprepared For Everyday Life.

5.  Tim from 12threefour-dot-com

6. sorry4disappointingyou from

7. Shannon from Heels in the Rain

Oh and a bonus two because I think they deserve it...

7.5 Suniverse from The Suniverse

7.75 Don'tMakeThatFace from Don't Make That Face

Check them out to continue laughing!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady


  1. Thanks for the award!

    You showed your husband. That's the best feeling, right?

  2. Don't Straight men know you never bet against the girls.LOL. Congrats on the blogger awards.

  3. Thanks for the award! Oh, and those Nestle Drumsticks... crap. It's mid-morning, and now I have an unquenchable desire for ice cream...

  4. Well Done! That's fab :) Oh, and B & J Chocolate Fudge Brownie is my downfall x

  5. Yes, showing my husband is one of the most satisfying things in the world...but it bites that he was r-i-g-h-t about me being a writer...

    Oh, and I am seriously craving ice cream...

  6. aaand I just realized he was still signed in to his account when i made that comment ;p

  7. Glad I made you smile. Love your blog.

    So what is your reward for proving your hubby you not only can keep a blog going for longer than 5 days, but get an award for doing it too? It better be good. lol

    Well, now I guess I have some more blogs to check out. Cheers!