Saturday, April 9, 2011

I feel dirty. Dirty like a fox...

Well, since Mr. Kat Lady and I are taking a 3 day vacation for our anniversary, he asked me to go online and pick out some cute lingerie to wear. I spent the greater part of this evening looking up discount plus size lingerie. I know, sounds like something that doesn't (or shouldn't) exist. Then I got really disgusted because their idea of plus size is a size 14. I'm sorry but I have a butt. I understand that a 12 can even be considered extra large these days. That's just redonkulous! That being said, I found a list of contenders I am considering buying.

Sometimes the pictures that showed the lingerie were a bit excessive. It looked like they cut a frame from a softcore porn. They were rubbing all over themselves and had the "O" face. I understand lingerie is supposed to lead to the "O" face, but no use getting there before the party has even started. By the way catalog model, I (and all your exes) now know what it looks like when you fake an orgasm. I was almost embarrassed for them.  All I could think of is my mother showing up and me answering the door in that piece of lingerie, rubbing my nipples and making that face. *shudder* (Which she better not do. Remind me to have Mr. Kat Lady pack a rifle.) Don't worry, we aren't going far enough away to fly there...funny story about that in the future...

Anyway, I decided to pick only the lingerie in which I would feel sexy, which was hard, because apparently plus size women only wear robes, satin tents, or obnoxious colors. I am proud of my body. Just because I am built more like Bettie Page (Look her up) than Paris Hilton doesn't mean I stopped trying to look sexy for the hubbs! The bigger the girl in the picture, the more desparate the pose was. There was this one girl who just put it ALL out there in every picture. I noticed they slightly blurred her face. They did her a favor.  Looking at all those softcore porn catalog pictures made me want to wash out my eye sockets! BLECH! Oh well, the girls get kudos because as a plus sized woman, I don't have the guts to get in front of a camera in nothing but a few strings and scraps of fabric. I'm scared enough of wearing something like it in front of my hubbs as it is! Go big girls! If you're happy, I'm happy...and blind from scrubbing out my eye sockets

To Looking  great at ANY size!

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady


  1. Ick.. I always feel wrong for looking at lingerie in catalogues. I prefer to buy in person off a rack, because I get all 'COVER YOUR SHAME' for the models... Even the ones who aren't making o faces.

  2. Kat Lady,

    Try Lane Bryant or any of it's partner stores that come up when you look them up online. There are also some others out there. The downside is that if you want to look good and live life to the fullest, you have to add a few dollar signs to that price tag. Might also try browsing my website, www.slumberpartiesbyjammiek, as I carry through size 3x (which is probably more like a 2x honestly). Just contact me directly if you like something, don't order on the website.

  3. I've never been a fan of lingerie ads, because you're right, they are completely skeevy. I'm glad you found something you like, though. It's important to feel good about yourself no matter what your size.