Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The fairies ate my homework...and my pen...and my willingness to do it.

Procrastination is my middle name. Always has been, probably always will be. In fact, I procrastinate so much that by procrastinating writing this blog, the blog became about procrastination! How Inception of me! A delay within a delay within a delay.

Ok, so I believe that genius comes in spurts. (OMG that sounds downright dirty!) I have about an hour each day where I feel motivated and inspired to write another funny anecdote from my life. So, ladies and gents, here's what today's hour of motivation has created...

I have gotten in SO much trouble for procrastinating. In school it was because I never had an assignment done on time. I could blame the condition of the house I lived in, or my mother, but honestly it was because I was bored. Idle hands and an active mind can lead to many misdeeds and in my case I was given in-school suspension at least once that I can remember.  My brain was not interested in doing boring assignments and pointless projects back then, all I wanted to do was be an artist and jump out from under my mother's thumb.

The more trouble I got in for being late with assignments, the more obstinate I became about not doing them until the last moment. It was like my own personal mini-rebellion against societal rule! Unfortunately, as soon as I would be punished for my procrastination, my mother would come flying in with her fangs out, ready to devour whoever was  keeping her precious diamond from her potential.  And that's how I graduated with a 3.6 and got a full ride scholarship. Unfortunately, mom's interference kept me from learning the important lesson of deadlines and I managed to fail miserably at college.

Now mind you, I know that procrastination gets you nowhere, but ironically it brought me here, to blog for you! I procrastinated for so long about getting a job that Mr. Kat Lady dared me to create my own career! And you know how well I resist a good dare...

Nearly the only thing I didn't procrastinate about in school was getting sit out passes for gym. I could look at my mother, fake a cough, and she'd have an excuse for me to sit out gym in 30 seconds. There are advantages to having a hypochondriac mother. Again, I should have just toughed it out, but the gym teacher hated me, and I had about the same feeling for him, so I really don't feel THAT bad.

You know, procrastination isn't that bad sometimes.  Why? Because often after a bout of procrastination, we are struck with an unquenchable need for completion. I once spent 3 hours scrubbing my bathroom floor after ignoring for 3 months. I have figured out that if I work the procrastination just right, I can have my house clean in 2 days! Just not today. Or tomorrow. Maybe next week...

To waiting until tomorrow....

Love and Laughter,
-Kat Lady


  1. Ha - I procrastinate with the cleaning as well. Trouble is, I NEVER seem to get around to it :)

  2. Sometimes I even use my blog as a means to procrastinate...

  3. Ah, caught me token! Also, sheppits, I have to put my blog down and walk away now, or no laundry is getting done today...I feel your pain.

  4. LOL! Great post. I'm not a procrastinator in general, but there are certain things that I just put off like crazy. Then it feels SO GREAT when I finally do them. Reinforcement... :)

  5. Ah, laundry. Well, not to brag, but mine is now all washed, dried and ironed. I can now spend the whole Easter weekend NOT doing housework x