Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watching the bear sleep...

Anyone who's met Mr. Kat Lady knows that when he sleeps...he SLEEPS. He has slept through everything from tornado sirens going off (across the street!) to EMTs, policemen, and firemen tromping OVER him when I had my heart attack. They actually checked to make sure he was breathing and it wasn't carbon monoxide poisoning. Yeah, he sleeps deeply. However I must say, even though he is closing in on 29, he sleeps like a little boy. A snoring, grunting, sleep speaking little boy.

Mr. Kat Lady is what I like to call a "cuddle-humper." He will grab the nearest warm object and scoot (hump) himself forward until it is firmly ensconced in his arms. This is all well and good unless you are a "splay" sleeper like me. I sleep on my back, arms over my head and legs splayed. Kinda like someone dumped me out of a bucket of paint and I just landed like that. I'm not really a cuddler, unless it's cold. Throw 2 or blankets on me and I'm good. Trap me in a "cuddle prison" and I can't sleep for the life of me. Every time I move to release myself, there he goes again. Cuddle, cuddle, hump, hump, whimper, stuck again. I've found that if I very slowly replace myself with a pillow, I am free to sleep unhindered. I'm sure this process looks very much like a fish trying to escape a squid's tentacles. If he feels you struggling to release yourself he unconsciously wraps his legs around your lower body. Then you might as well try to get comfortable, because you aren't going anywhere until he wakes up. I however usually end up wearing myself out and waking up with various sore muscles and such because he's too adorable to move.

Sometimes he talks. Usually it's a running commentary of his dreams. So far I've heard him tell me to leave him alone, he's painting the fence, or to let him out of the closet (umm....hmm....what was THAT dream about...) or him just mumbling randomness. If his dream-speech is coherent enough, sometimes I can have conversations with him in his sleep. Very rare, but hilarious when it happens. My friends Owl and Princess have both been around to hear it. Well, I must go for tonight, as I have to wake Mr. Kat Lady from his nap. See ya on the flip side
-Kat Lady


  1. I'm a nurse and I occasionally act out my dreams. One night, after a particularly trying day at work, my husband woke up thinking I was in a frisky mood. I wasn't. I was sleeping and prepping him for a catheter. He sleeps with one eye open now...

  2. Two of my best friends are nurses. Rest assured, you are not the first to sleep catheterize someone! LOL